Farmacia SS Annunziata Stinging Nettle (Ortica) Shampoo 150 ml

Farmacia SS Annunziata Nettle (Ortica) Shampoo is a cleansing formula with purifying and sebum-normalizing properties that restores the wellbeing of the scalp and gives hair a fresh and healthy look.

Thanks to the astringent and dermo-purifying action of Nettle, provides skin and hair with a deep and intense cleansing. Effectively removes residues of fine dust, pollution and sebum, thus purifying clogged pores.

If used regularly, it gradually regulates sebaceous secretions, thus preventing weak hair.

Stimulates hair bulbs boosting bloodstream and strengthening hair shaft, for an overall anti-loss effect. 

HAIR TYPES: From normal to oily hair. Oily scalp. 


Gently and effectively cleanse hair.
Eliminate impurities from scalp and regulate sebum production, preventing oiliness.
Repair and protect hair fibers. 

150 ml - 5.07 oz.


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