Prima Spremitura Sage Scented Room Diffuser 250 ml

Prima Spremitura Sage (Salvia) Scented Room Diffuser

The olfactory evolution of this fragrance passes from the most incisive tones of Eucalyptus and Pine, which infuse Sage (Salvia) with a feeling of "Openness" and freshness, to the cordial, cheerful, joyful and sweet ones of Crispa Mint.
Delicate olfactory waves of Lily and Jasmine petals give Salvia a note of sweetness, which balances the heart of this olfactory compound.
The gentle and sensitive appearance of Narcissus goes well with Sage, Rosemary and the softness of White Musks.
Salvia (Sage), an intriguing, calming and reassuring combination that smells of balance and well-being, instills confidence, stimulates inspiration and reminds us of freedom.

Olfactory Notes
: The Sage fragrance releases a feeling of freshness and cleanliness in the rooms thanks to the presence of the medicinal Sage, Mint and Rosemary. The hesperides emit in our state a sweet joy with citrus and lime tones, while the sense of openness and freshness are the result of the presence of eucalyptus, pine and crispa mint.

At the heart of its composition is the sweetness of Lily, Jasmine and Narcissus, which together perfectly balance the balsamic sensation given by the officinals.

The result is a calming and reassuring scent, which smells of balance and well-being, which instills confidence, which stimulates inspiration and recalls freedom.

Atmosphere: calming and relaxing, gives a sense of natural cleanliness and breath.

Area: We recommend placing the elegant room diffuser in bedrooms and living rooms.

Contents: 250ml

Idea Toscana's Salvia room perfumer to be used with wooden sticks, is also ideal for eliminating bad smells, such as smoke, pets and unpleasant smells after cooking.


You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by turning all or just some of the sticks provided, one or more times a day: by turning them all and often, you will obtain a more intense fragrance.

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the room in which it is located, the temperature, direct sunlight and air currents which can accelerate evaporation.
Follow these tips to make it last longer:
- When purchasing the diffuser, immediately combine a refill of the same fragrance to be used in small quantities, but more frequently. In this way you can keep the liquid level always high, preventing the amount of oxygen in the bottle from speeding up evaporation too much.
- Place the fragrance as far as possible from sources of heat and drafts.
- Choose the bottle size most proportionate to the area you wish to perfume.

For a good diffusion of the fragrance, we recommend:

  • for rooms from 5 to 10 m2 1 bottle of 100 ml
  • for rooms from 10 to 20 m2 2 bottles of 100 ml
  • for rooms from 20 to 30 m2 1 bottle of 250 ml
  • for rooms from 30 to 50 m2 2 bottles of 250 ml
  • for large rooms over 50 m2 1 2.5 liter bottle

 Made in Tuscany, Italy.


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