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About us

Italians know a little something about beauty and art!! From the stunning
masterpieces of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, to the famous
actresses Sophia Lorena and Gina Lollobrigida.

At Granducati, we are particularly devoted and fascinated by the Italian passion for
beauty - of making things genuine and authentic, like the
Prima Spremitura Line
made from 100%
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the luxurious Nesti Dante Soaps
from Florence, the famous home diffusers by
Farmacia SS Annunziata 1561, the I
Coloniali Luxurious bath and body line, our Monotheme Fragrances from Venice, the
classic Italian bath/body/home line by Felce Azzurra, the delicate Linea Bimbi for
babies, and many more.

Italians have perfected their appreciation for beauty and health - and our admiration
for Italian design and style have lead us to bring them to you: authentic body care
products, soaps, creams, lotions, skincare and fragrances from companies that are
legends, maybe unknown to the rest of the world.  

Since we started Granducati in 2004, we have established preferential agreements
with the Italian manufacturer with the intent to bring you the best that the Italian
market has to offer.

Still today, beauty products Made in Italy preserve the tradition and integrity, the
balance and harmony; and most importantly, the glorification of the beauty of the
earth and the spirit of life....We at Granducati believe in this!

Our Company

Granducati Exclusive Imports, Inc. (Florida, USA)
is an importer, distributor and
online retailer of luxurious bath and body products, skin are, fragrances from Italy -
with a large assortment of bar soaps, lotions, fragrances and other premium beauty
care products. Granducati Exclusive Imports, Inc. takes pride in selling and
distributing some of the most coveted luxury bath & body products Italy has to offer.
Each brand is carefully selected for its aesthetic virtues, exceptional composition of
ingredients and for their high regard within the international marketplace.
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