Nesti Dante Hydrangea & Rhubarb Soap


Nesti Dante Hydrangea & Rhubarb Soap 200 gr - 7 oz.

Nesti Dante's creation combines the anti-oxidant properties of rhubarb and the revitalizing aromatic notes of hydrangea. Wrapped in traditional Florentine paper and finished with an elegant bow. Made with love is care in Italy.

The Gli Officinali soap line, by Nesti Dante of Florence, draws on their virtues in all six soaps, wrapped in paper with beautiful floral illustrations, enriched with an attractive and refined ribbon on the top and produced with an entirely artisanal process, as in the best Italian soapmaking tradition.

The basic paste, in fact, is obtained through a slow and complex process, in special boilers, which lasts four days and requires the constant presence and meticulous manual supervision of soap and perfume experts. A process which does not alter in the slightest the essences, rich oils and functional substances of first quality in the formulations which do not contain any synthetic surfactants.

What makes these soaps special? Each formulation combines a delicate and elegant fragrance with a functional substance extracted from a medicinal herb.


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