Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Moisturizing Face Cream
Face, Neck & Decollete
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Personal Skincare Line with Olive Oil from Italy
Personal Skincare Line with Olive Oil from Italy
OLIVA OIL is a range of Italian-inspired natural products made from olive oil.
Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, developed for the daily care of your body and
skincare regimen. Made in Italy.
Oliva Oil Massage Body Oil
Oliva Oil Massage Body Oil 100 ml - 3.4 oz.
Olive Oil Massage Body Oil
Natural massage body oil that easily absorbs
into the skin. Thanks to its formula rich in Olive
and Almond oils, this massage oil nourishes,
moisturises and tones giving elasticity to skin.
Ideal for maintaining skin firm and for
preventing stretch marks. Use day and night as
the final step in your skin care routine. All over
face and body oil.
Price: $19.98
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PRIMA SPREMITURA Bio Organic Skin Care Line of facial products, is at the forefront of the
production of
certified organic cosmetics. Thanks to the use of Organic Toscano PGI
Extra Virgin Olive Oil blended with other selected organic oils and precious ingredients,
these skin care products create a natural layer of protection from the damaging effects of
sun, light, smog, and smoke. They also aid in the prevention of loss of elastin and
collagen, key substances responsible for keeping skin hydrated and firm.
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Anti-Age Moisturizer Face Cream
New Packaging: 30 x 2ml single dose packs.
Formulated to fight the onset of wrinkles in
young and old skin alike, “Prima Spremitura
BIO” Anti Age Moisturizer Cream is a light
blend, easily absorbed by the skin. Non-greasy
formula penetrates deeply, hydrating and
nourishing the skin thanks to the restorative
and anti-wrinkle properties of a combination of
organic vegetable oils and hyaluronic acid.
For all skin types. Made in Italy
Price $39.95
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Anti-Age Moisturizer Cream
All Skin Types
New Packaging
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Micellar Water - Refreshing & Cleansing
An innovative formulation that removes makeup
and tones the skin in one single and smooth
gesture. It gently cleans the skin and helps
remove effectively all makeup traces, impurities
and pollution with a refreshing action. The
water helps re-establish the skin’s glow and
prepares it for its daily moisturizing treatment.
Contains Organic Aloe juice, that has well
known emollient and soothing properties. The
organic orange and lemon extracts are
excellent toning and enlightening skin
enhancers, while the organic olive leaves
extract contains a high rate of antioxidants.
Bottle Size 150 ml - 5.1 oz.
Made in Florence, Italy by Idea Toscana.
Price $19.95
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Refreshing Cleansing Micellar Water
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Moisturizing Face Cream - Pump Bottle
Prima Spremitura Moisturizer Face Cream for
face, neck, and décolleté is a light blend with
the moisturizing power of phytosqualane and
organic Aloe Vera and Organic Extra Virgin
Olive Oil. It protects the skin from environmental
stress (light, sun, wind, cold, dust, and smog),
it restores proper skin hydration and reinforces
natural defenses giving your skin a fresh and
healthy glow. Penetrates rapidly leaving no
greasy feel. Perfect base under make-up. For
silky, smooth and tight skin. Size 50ml - 1.7oz
Made in Florence, Italy by Idea Toscana.
Price $32.00
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Eye and Lip Contour Cream
From the first application, this light, non-greasy
Eye and Lip Cream gives you a fresh and
pleasant sense of well-being and the
immediate sensation of skin tightening.
Extremely rich in organic vegetable
oils, highly nutritious thanks to the presence of
vegetable squalene and organic Shea Butter
and featuring the firming effects of hyaluronic
acid, the cream reduces the appearance of
dark circles and under-eye bags, daily applied
around the lips minimizes the unpleasant
unaesthetic effect of the vertical lines and
wrinkles above the upper lip. Size 15ml - 0.5oz
Made in Florence, Italy by Idea Toscana.
Price $29.00
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Antistress Body Oil - Massage & Afterbath
This splendid Anti-stress body oil provides
deep nourishment and hydration to the skin
without leaving behind a greasy feel, due to the
noted elasticity properties of the Organic
Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic
Avocado oil. The all-natural richness of these
precious active ingredients reveal themselves
in a relaxing massage, wrapping the body in
the pleasant sensation of well-being, thanks
also to our certified-organic fragrance. Great for
use after exposure to the sun; its natural
ingredients make it an excellent choice for
small children as well. More than a body
oil, it’s an emotion…a perfect gift for those you
love and for yourself. Size 200 ml - 6.8 oz.
Made in Florence, Italy by Idea Toscana.
Price $39.95
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Anti-Stress Body Oil
For Massage & Afterbath
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Exfoliating Face Scrub Sponge with Olive Pits
A special exfoliating pad made with olive pits
for an effective deep face cleansing treatment.
Thanks to the presence of micronized olive pits,
the exfoliating face scrub sponge helps to solve
the phenomena of skin thickening, atonicity and
aging.It allows to remove all skin impurities
originating from smoke and smog as well as to
remove make-up, even the most persistent
kind. Used regularly two or three times a week,
on mixed and/or oily skins, it helps to awaken
and to preserve the natural brightness of skin.
The exfoliating face scrub sponge with Olive
pits will last a long time, giving you, day after
day, an incredibly soft and regenerated skin.
Price $9.95
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Exfoliating Face Scrub Sponge
with Olive Pits
Download Prima Spremitura
Organic Skin Care Line
All of Prima Spremitura Bio Organic
products are certified
guaranteeing high quality, evidenced
by the special logos printed on
all the packaging.

- Made with natural ingredients
- 95% of ingredients are certified as
- No genetically-modified ingredients
have been used
- The scent is 100% natural
- with Organic Toscano IGP Extra
Virgin Olive Oil
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Eye & Lip Contour Cream
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Nourishing Night Face Cream
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Nourishing Night Face Cream
New Packaging 30 x 2ml single dose packs.
It supports the night regeneration process of
the skin. It hydrates and nourishes without
leaving the skin greasy, penetrating deeply
thanks to its formula rich in Organic Vegetable
Oils, enhanced by Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Organic Aloe Vera juice and Organic Cocoa
Butter. It decreases the signs of daily stress
due to facial expressions, reducing the
appearance of expression wrinkles.
Box contains 30 single-dose sachets (2ml)
Made in Florence, Italy by Idea Toscana.
Price $38.00
Prima Spremitura Bio - Organic
Make-Up Remover Cleansing Milk
Prima Spremitura Organic Skin Care Tuscany
Make-Up Remover Cleansing Milk
The key for a perfect facial cleansing - whether
you have oily, dry or combination skin - is to use
natural beauty products. Our “Prima Spremitura
BIO” cleansing milk for eyes, lips, and face is a
specific product for face cleaning, in the sense
that its “cleaning” action is linked to the high
percentage of organic oils contained in the
product. These oils, in fact, dissolve the grime
and residue of any make-up, smog and other
environmental pollutants: which can be easily
wiped away with a cotton ball, without
disrupting the skin’s balance, as instead
happens with real detergents (soaps and gel
detergents). Size 200 ml - 6.8 oz.
Made in Florence, Italy by Idea Toscana.
Price $29.00