Organic Sanitizing Fluid Cream
CREAM with
Antimicrobial action by Setaré - Italy
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GUARDIAN Organic Sanitizing Fluid
Cream 100 ml by
99.8% Organic Cream
A light and pleasant texture, moisturizing
cream with antimicrobial action. With
Chlorhexidine 0.2%, Tea Tree Oil, Neem
Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe and
Chamomile Extract.
Apply on skin and massage until fully
absorbed. No water required.
Price: $19.95
Guardian is a valuable aid in the
absence of water and soap
, to protect the
skin of the hands and face from attack by
microorganisms, without damaging it. Its
active ingredients: Chlorhexidine, Tea
Tree Oil and Neem Oil, historically
recognized as powerful antimicrobial,
make it particularly suitable for all
situations outside the home where you
need to sanitize your hands and face
without making your skin dry and
Organic 99.8% !!
LongeVity-C Serum 30 ml
by Setaré - Firenze
Divine beauty serum formulated with
Liposomal Vitamin C
(Micro-encapsulated), the most stable and
rapidly absorbed form of this essence of
youth. Thanks to the combination with
Copper and Saffron, it contrasts the
typical signs of skin aging (sagging,
wrinkles, spots) and gives, to a tired and
suffering face, the primordial freshness
and brightness typical of a young skin.
100% Eco- Organic Certified
Price $64.00
Longevity-C Serum
Powerful antioxidant that
protects the skin.

Stimulates the production of
new collagen.

Protects the skin from the
appearance of brown spots and
lightens the existing ones.

Adds glow to the complexion
day after day
Organic Bath & Shower Gel 400 ml
by Setaré - Firenze
Mild bath and shower gel with surfactant
derived from coconut. Its formula includes
select emollient oils and relaxing and
refreshing plant extracts (Liquorice and
Melissa). Gently cleanses the skin while
respecting its delicate physiological
balance and creates a soft foam with a
pleasant floral scent.
Certified Organic
Price $24.95
Purify - Dermopurifying Cleansing
Foam for Face 150 ml
by Setaré - Firenze
Purifying, Astringent and Refreshing
A light, fresh and delicate foam for the
daily cleansing of sensitive, impure and
acne-like skin. It cleanses the skin and
releases the pores from excess oil.
It leaves a fresh, clean feeling.
Certified Organic
Price $0.00 - Sold Out
Organic Shampoo for Frequent
Washing 250 ml
by Setaré - Firenze
- With Helichrysum and Nettle Extracts
- Gently cleanses the scalp
Very mild formula developed specifically
for daily hair care. Thanks to the
combined effect of exclusive surfactant
derived from coconut and valuable
emollient, restructuring and refreshing
plant extracts, this shampoo provides
efficient cleansing while preserving the
scalp’s integrity and hydrolipidic balance.
Certified Organic
Price $24.95 - Sold Out
Organic Hair Conditioner for All Hair
Types 250 ml
by Setaré - Firenze
- With Aloe, Millet and Oat Extracts
- Untangles and Restructures
Ideal for dry, fragile and frayed hair, this soft
emulsion, which is enriched with valuable
moisturising and emollient plant extracts,
restructures the hair fibre and at the same
time has a conditioning and untangling
effect. The hair becomes soft, shiny and
vibrant, easy to comb and pleasantly
scented with sweet notes of musk.
Certified Organic
Price $24.95
Counteracts the typical signs of aging