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Granducati to market in the U.S. world’s first skincare line made from 100% Virgin Olive Oil
from Italy.

Granducati Exclusive Imports, Inc. – a Florida based company that specializes in full line of
exclusive Italian beauty products will market and distribute Olivella Line made from 100% Virgin
Olive Oil from Italy.

“Olivella started with a simple goal for one of Italy’s largest family owned Olive Oil manufacturers:
to make a totally pure all vegetable soap from Virgin Olive Oil. After two years of Research &
Development, success was reached with the creation of this premium natural 100% Virgin Olive
Oil Beauty Line” explains Sergio Ariani, U.S. Sales & Business Development Director for
Granducati. “The success of Olivella in the U.S. has been extraordinary – our marketing activities,
personnel training, in-store sampling, and active participation in trade shows…to name a few,
have been very well received by the U.S. consumer who is aware of the importance of the benefits
of olive oil not only in the diet but also in dermatological applications”.

“We currently operate various online web-stores for the sales of Olivella – in fact we developed, dedicated exclusively to the sale of the complete line. Our research shows
that consumers are looking for olive-based cosmetic products and Olivella is clearly a product that
targets the entire family,” adds Sergio Ariani, who developed the website and heads the company’
s website and e-commerce program.

“Olivella plans to expand the line with the introduction of new products as olive oil-based skin
care products continue to grow in popularity. The increased number of retailers in the U.S market
that carry our line is a substantial reflection of the success we are having. Furthermore, we also
act as exclusive representatives for Olivella in Latin America, were we have successfully opened
several markets such as Ecuador, Panama, Brazil – we shipped to those markets from our U.S.
warehouse, rather than from Italy, as to facilitate our importers the exchange and commerce of
products between the US and Latin America,” explains Sergio Ariani.

In this exciting industry, we are seeing how some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies are
following the success of Olivella, introducing olive oil personal care lines. “We are being
challenged by big multinational cosmetic companies, and we at Granducati will work hard to
maintain our lead in this category – doing unique and innovative marketing activities for store
owners, end-consumers – in fact we are presently working on entering some new and exciting
agreements that will take the Olivella brand to new levels” explains Sergio Ariani.  
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