Ivy & Clove Soap
The revitalizing essence of ivy intensifies the
benefits of clove.

Sunflower & Saffron
Touches of yellow gold enhance the seduction of
the nourishing essence of saffron.

Hydrangea & Rhubarb
The revitalizing note of hydrangea joined with
distilled rhubarb turns back the signs of time.

Camellia & Cinnamon
The intriguing scent of camellia enhances the
purifying properties of cinnamon.

Strawberry Bush & Sage
The pleasant fragrance of strawberry bush,
together with the perfume of distilled sage leaves a
long-lasting sensation of freshness.

Water Arum & Rosemary
The sensuality of call-lily together with the precious
virtues of rosemary create a toning effect on the
Gli Officinali by Nesti