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LINEA BIMBI by Helan Natural - All Natural Baby Care
Products Imported from Italy for your baby!!

Everything your BABY deserves!! Linea Bimbi is one of Italy's most
specific line of products for treatment of delicate and sensitive
baby skin made in Italy by Helan Natural.
Dermatologically-tested blends of the Linea Bimbi respect the natural balance of tender new
skin, hydrating and shielding it from harmful elements.

Daily care with LINEA BIMBI products will leave your little one's skin and hair naturally freshened,
soothed, satiny-smooth and irresistibly touchable.

Main Active Ingredients:
Marigold and Camomile Flowers, Carrot, Bushnut, Sweet Almond, Olive, Soya, Grape Seed Oils
Oat, Aloa Vera Gel, Karite' Butter, Beeswax, Vitamins A and E.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Ultimate Organic Baby Gift Set
(Beauty Case + 6 Products)
Gift Set Includes:
1 Linea Bimbi Liquid Soap
1 Linea Bimbi Shampoo & Body Wash
1 Linea Bimbi Cleansing Cream (no-rinse)
1 Linea Bimbi Scented Rice Starch
1 Linea Bimbi Diaper Rash Cream
1 Linea Bimbi Natural Bio Wet Wipes, 60 wipes
1 Linea Bimbi My First Beauty Case
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Eau de Toilette Alcohol Free
100 ml - 3.38 oz Spray Bottle + Box
The Final touch for your baby !!
Its bouquet has been specifically formulated for a baby’s
cologne. It is alcohol-free and its use of fragrances,
which are particularly suitable for delicate skins, well
combines with the soothing action typical of Camomile
distilled water. Essences extracted from the Orange,
Bitter Orange, Camomile, Geranium and Lavander flowers,
Rosewood (bois de Rose), enhanced by Rosemary
leaves, Clary Sage and Petitgrain oils and by the Litsea
cubeba’s fruits, for a pleasant citrus and aromatic note.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Total Shampoo & Body Wash
500 ml - 16.9 oz.
Linea Bimbi Delicate Shampoo & Body Wash is enriched
with sweet Almond proteins, Marigold and Camomile
flowers extracts. It allows impurities to be removed
without altering the delicate structure of newborn hair and
How to use it: Ideal for frequent washes, its cleansing
action is particularly soft and maintains the face, body and
hair soft and silky. Pour out the right amount on a sponge
and after a thorough wash, delicately rinse. Paraben
Free. Does Not Sting Eyes. Made in Italy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Softening Cream
100 ml - 3.38 oz Tube + Box
Fresh and velvety, this soft lotion combines the highly
nourishing ability of sweet Almond and Grape seed
oils, Karitè butter and Beeswax, the regenerating action
of Vitamins A and E, and the delicate soothing, emollient
properties of Aloe Vera juice, and Camomile flowers
extract to provide moisture and softness. This special
formula makes this the ideal product for children.
How to use it: ideal for use every time your child is
exposed to atmospheric agents (sun, wind, cold
temperature). This cream can be lightly massaged on the
child’s whole body after bathing for many affectionate
cuddles … and to restore the right hydration. Easily
spread and rapidly absorbed without being greasy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi No-Rinse Cleansing Cream
200 ml - 6.76 oz. Pump Dispenser
The Linea Bimbi No-Rinse Cleansing Cream has soothing
and calming properties thanks to Marigold and Camomile
flowers extracts. It moisturizes and nourishes skin thanks
to Marigold and sweet Almond oils extracts that delicately
cleanse baby skin, especially when skin is red or irritated
and water is not recommended.
How to use it: To remove impurities, use a wad of cotton
wool with the right amount of the product in order to avoid
subjecting the baby to many washes. This especially in
winter when it might cause skin reddening and chapping.
No need to rinse. Made in Italy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Soothing Diaper Rash Cream
50 ml - 1.69 oz Tube + Box
Formulated to prevent and counteract the causes of rash
and irritation in the delicate nappy area. It contains
Panthenol, Zinc oxide, Marigold and Camomile
flowers extracts with their soothing, regenerative
properties and is enriched with softening, lubricating,
protective organic sweet Almond oil and Beeswax as
well as comforting Vitamins A and E. Linea Bimbi’s
Soothing Diaper Rash Cream is effective and particularly
suitable to offer relief to irritated, red-sensitive skin.
How to use it: After cleansing the area thoroughly with
Bio Wet-wipes, apply a generous layer of Soothing Diaper
Rash Cream to the skin without massaging or rubbing.
Easy to apply and remove. Do not use water if the nappy
rash is severe. Made in Italy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Silky Liquid Talc
100 ml - 3.38 oz Pump Bottle + Box
This extremely gentle, fresh, innovative formula combines
both the characteristic dry feature of traditional talcum
powder and the silky, moisturizing pleasantness of a fluid
cream. The Liquid Talc has also been conceived to be
used for massaging the baby, a moment of great intimacy
between mother and child, a moment of joy and cuddles.
The talc glides easily over the baby’s body to soften the
skin leaving a sense of silky freshness and its gentle
How to use it: after a bath, warm a fair quantity of Liquid
Talc on the palm of the hands and apply gently all over the
body with slow circular movements. The pleasantness of
the product together with the massage will give the baby
a great feeling of wellbeing leaving the skin delicately
smooth. Made in Italy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Soft Cleansing Liquid Soap
300 ml - 10.14 oz.  Pump Dispenser
Helan's Linea Bimbi’s Liquid Soap is particularly suitable
for a soft daily cleansing of the skin. Very light and
tender, enriched with softening and soothing Calendula
and Camomile extracts, and formulated with vegetable
cleansing agents, without SLS and SLES, without
preservatives and dyestuffs, it generates a very light,
soft and creamy foam, maintaining the delicate
physiological balance of the most sensitive skins. Pump
Bottle 150 ml - 5.07 oz. Made in Italy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Bimbi Perfumed Rice Starch
75 gr. Plastic Bottle Shaker
Linea Bimbi Scented Rice Starch is especially soft and
soothing, keeping critical areas dry and preventing
redness and irritation. Special ingredients such as Aloe
vera juice, Olive and Bushnut oils make this product
especially moisturizing for silky smooth skin. The delicate
perfume of our “Acqua Luigia” provides a pleasant
sensation of freshness and cleanliness.
How to use it: it’s ideal to use Rice Starch in your
newborn’s bathwater right from the first days after birth
to avoid weakening the delicate, hydrolipic film of the baby’
s skin with frequent washing. Made in Italy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Linea Linea Bimbi Cleansing Bio Wet Wipes
60 Wipes Perfumed-Free Sensitive Skin
Linea Bimbi Natural Cleansing Bio Wet Wipes offer
effective detergent action while ensuring absolute safety
and delicateness for your baby’s skin. They leave the skin
clean, dry, as well as pleasantly soft and moisturized.
They are made of 100% Organic Cotton cultivated with
modern, biodynamic techniques using only natural
resources, without any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or
GMOs.Perfume Free & Alcohol Free. Made in Italy.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
La Mia Cameretta - "My Little Room"
Room Fragrance 100 ml - 3.38 oz. Spray Bottle
The scent of Helan’s spray “La mia cameretta” (my little
room) can be directly sprayed into the air using its
convenient diffuser for an immediate, intense effect or
onto furniture fabric (curtains, carpets) for prolonged
fragrance release. The Room fragrance spray can also
be used inside wardrobes and closets as well as in
drawers (naturally not directly on clothing itself).
The Fragrance.
A slight scent of talc in a fragrance dedicated to children,
obtained by the careful mixing of powdery and
Mediterranean smells , such as Bergamot from Calabria,
Moroccan orange-blossoms, Tunisian neroli, French
violets, Rose petals, white Musk and Vanilla.
Linea Bimbi - Italian Baby Line by Helan, Italy
Bollicine Baby Clothing Laundry Detergent by Helan
- 33 loads Certified Eco Organic, Dermatology
Tested. 1000 ml - 33.38 oz.
How to use it:
HAND WASH: for the best results, blend the suggested
amount of Detergent into clean water and let the laundry
soak for about 10 minutes, then wash, rinse without
wringing and let dry far from sources of heat. Respect
the maximum water temperatures suggested (30° for
wool and 40° for synthetics).

MACHINE WASH: use as you would any other detergent,
pouring the proper amount in the appropriate compartment
before setting the desired wash cycle.
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