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HAMMAM Line by I Coloniali
BEAUTY / Hammam Bath & Body Ritual
products by I Coloniali
are formulated
with natural and exotic ingredients from far
lands to recreate at home atmospheres,
fragrances and new emotional sensations,
like a trip without end, a world of wellbeing
with no frontiers. The Hammam Rituals
offer you the pleasure to truly nourish and
pamper your skin, allowing precious time to
relax. All products come in a porcelain/
glass-like jar or bottle. J&E Atkinsons.
Imported from Italy.
I Coloniali Hammam
Shower Oil
Rose & Coriander
250 ml
Price: $34
Only 1 in Stock
I Coloniali Hammam
Bath Shower
Cream Amber &
Orange 500 ml
Price: $49
I Coloniali Hammam
Body Essence
200 ml
Price: $49
I Coloniali Hammam
Body Essence
Rose & Coriander
200 ml
Price: $49
I Coloniali Hammam
Body Scrub
Ginger & Cedarwood
200 ml
Price: $49
I Coloniali Hammam
Soap Cream
Amber & Orange
200 ml
Price: $49
Sold Out
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I COLONIALI Beauty Lines
I Coloniali luxurious collection of bath & body products.
Each day, I Coloniali guides you through a journey out of the ordinary, thanks to its unique
beauty creations. Choose among a multitude of sensorial pathways that stimulate positive
energy, and add a touch of magic to everyday life. For Men & Women. Made in Italy

Devoted to travellers and dreamers all over the world
I Coloniali
Long Lasting
Moisturizing Body
Milk with White
Waterlilly 200 ml
Price $34
I Coloniali
Softening Bath &
Shower Cream with
250 ml (8.4 oz)
Sold Out
I Coloniali - The Dew Route - Hydrating Journey
The cool and invigorating Dew Route moisturises the skin, like diving into crystal clear
water, with perfumes and textures that soften your skin and quench its thirst. Its beneficial
ingredients, such as
White Waterlily, make your skin blissfully soft to the touch, bringing a
smile to your face every day.
I Coloniali
Softening Bath &
Shower Cream with
500 ml (16.9 oz)
Sold Out
I Coloniali - The Blossom Route - Nourishing Journey
The nourishing Blossom Route invites you to follow a soft and velvety path along which your
skin is delightfully pampered with each step you take, using ingredients like
Rice Bran Oil and
Shea Butter
, whose softening properties make it ideal for the driest skin. A magical route to
be taken every day.
I Coloniali
Silky Bath & Shower
Cream with Shea
Butter 250 ml
Price $29
I Coloniali - The Butterfly Route - Regenerating Journey
The regenerating Butterfly Route will take you on a rejuvenating journey, with ingredients like
Myrrh resin which has legendary beneficial properties and an unmistakable fragrance.
As soft and seductive as a caress, it is a pleasant escape from the daily routine that will leave you
feeling relaxed and regenerated.
I Coloniali
Deep Massage Body
Cream with Myrrh,
jar 200 ml
Price $68
Sold Out
I Coloniali
Regenerating Bath &
Shower Cream with
Myrrh 500 ml
Price $42
Sold Out
I Coloniali - The Waterfall Route - Energizing Journey for Men
The energising Waterfall Route is a path that has been specifically designed to meet the
needs of men’s skin. This route is strewn with light and cool textures and enriched with
valuable ingredients and fragrances with assertive notes that wash over the skin with the
energy of a wave. You will be filled with a new sense of energy every day. For Men.
I Coloniali
Soothing After-Shave
Emulsion with
Rhubarb 100 ml
Price $42
Only 2 in Stock
I Coloniali For Men
I Coloniali
Energizing Hair &
Body Shower Gel
with Ginseng 250 ml
Price $32
I Coloniali
Deo Stick with
75 gr. - 2.5 oz
Sold Out