HerbSardinia Natural/Salt Body Scrub is a high-
quality Sardinian sea salt-based 100% natural
mixture that exfoliates the skin without over-drying it.
Besides sea salt, this scrub also contains a pure
organic essential oil blend which contributes to the
appealing and invigorating scent.

Use all over the body to remove dead skin cells
(especially the most difficult spots, like elbows and
heels) and improve skin’s appearance with a
rejuvenating effect.  This body salt does not contain
any dye or artificially produced fragrances or
colours. The salt crystal are pretty gentle and do
not dry out the skin, while the organic oil blend
nourishes and even helps restore or maintain skin’s
natural moisture balance. Skin will feel very soft,
purified and energized. The pure organic essential
oil mixture will stimulate the circulation – bringing
more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells – and
promote healing, while uplifting the mind and body.


For a more gentle and delicate scrub use in the
shower or bathtub and moisten the skin first before
applying the product. To increase the exfoliating
effect apply on dry skin. In both cases massage the
product onto the skin using soft, circular motions.
Then wash it off using warm water.
After exfoliating, always apply a layer of moisturizer
to retain skin’s moisture. Use the Salt Scrub to
maximize the absorption and hydrating effect of all
HerbSardinia Body Creams or the Ten Essences
Aromatic Body Oil.

HerbSardinia Natural Body Scrub
with Sardinian Sea Salt and
Essential Oils