HerbSardinia Organic Ten Essences Body
Massage Oil |
100 ml
This high quality Organic Body Massage Oil is
specifically made using only Organic and local
ingredients to provide body and spirit’s well-being.
The unique mix of Sardinian essences expressly
selected by HerbSardinia makes this Organic Dry
Body Oil the perfect complement to your daily
beauty routine.

HerbSardinia Ten Essences Body Oil has a variety
of uses, from creating a relaxing massage treatment
to moisturizing dry skin after showering or taking a
warm bath, and also aromatherapy and hot water
inhalations. It can also be used in conjunction with
our Scent of Solidarity Ceramic Burner.

The Oils used are top-range and very light and so it
absorbs very quickly into the skin, locking in
moisture and nourishing the very cells that give your
skin smoothness and elasticity. You won’t need to
massage it for long, or use large quantities. The
effect is almost instant, giving your skin a nice
sheen with a subtle scent. If you breathe in while
applying it, it will also help you relax and wind down
at the end of a long day.

A few drops can also be applied to your hair. Drop
into the palm and run the hands lightly through it.
The Oil can help with dry ends, and styling, and also
add a light fragrance to the hair
HerbSardinia Organic Ten
Essences Body Massage Oil
20 ml & 100 ml