HerbSardinia Organic Myrtle & Juniper Liquid
Soap |
Pump 250 ml
Experience the most authentic and characteristic
scents of Sardinia –
Myrtle and Juniper – in this
unique mix, vibrant and fresh, smooth but not sweet,
with a slightly resinous note, and great longevity.
HerbSardinia Organic Myrtle and Juniper Soap will
provide a gentle but thorough cleanse with a natural
skin toning effect, without over drying. It will leave
your skin rejuvenated, purified, and silky smooth.

HerbSardinia is the first company in Sardinia to
produce high quality Organic Certified Cosmetics
(CCPB) made only with Organic essential oils and
ingredients native to Sardinia’s most aromatic floral
and herb varieties.

HerbSardinia Cosmetics are ideal for sensitive skins
as they contain no SLS or SLES, artificial colors,
synthetic perfumes, parabens, preservatives or any
synthetic component. As a result our detergents are
lightly-foaming, whereas the aromatic note is due to
the 100% pure Organic essential oils mixture.

HerbSardinia products are cruelty-free. None of our
formulations are tested on animals.

Organic product subject to natural changes in
density and color.
HerbSardinia Organic Myrtle and
Juniper Liquid Soap |
250 ml