HerbSardinia Organic Honey & Myrtle Face
(Hydrating) | 50 ml
Let the warm, sweet and spicy aroma of Myrtle
surround you with our Organic Certified Myrtle &
Honey Hydrating Face Cream. This natural
Moisturizer will awaken skin’s innate rejuvenating
abilities, calming redness and soothing minor
irritations, especially after sun exposure, leaving
your skin feeling silky smooth, and regenerated.

The pure Organic essential oil blend will help
hydrate, and increase free radical protection while
improving cell renewal. pH balanced, rich in plant
extracts that contain antioxidants and anti-
inflammatory properties, HerbSardinia Myrtle &
Honey Face Cream will tone your skin and protect it
at the same time with its multi-layered fragrance and
spicy aroma.


Apply this light yet effective non-greasy face cream
whenever you desire, day or night, to deeply
hydrate and sooth skin while restoring its natural
moisture balance, or calm redness after sun


Organic product subject to natural changes in
density and color.

It is important to note that while HerbSardinia
products contain natural ingredients, even natural
ingredients – honey especially – can cause allergic
reactions in some individuals. Please test the cream
first on your wrist.
HerbSardinia Organic Honey &
Hydrating Face Cream
50 ml