HerbSardinia Salts of Sardinia for Aromatic
Bath |
500 ml
HerbSardinia chose the very best of sea salts
extracted from the clean waters of the sea of
Sardinia to make you feel a wonderful relaxing
sensation with the tonic and eudermic effect
provided by the essential oil of Myrtus Communis.

These bath salts ensure your skin a powerful
scrubbing and purifying action respecting its natural
balance that will last all day long after your bath.
The healthy effect of the Myrtus essential oil and
the wonderful richness of its hydrating and
protecting action make Herbae Sardiniae Bath salts
the ideal companion for your frequent and constant
“bath rite”.

The added Organic Myrtle Aromatic Bath & Shower
Gel (7ml x 2 sachets will provide a gentle but
thorough cleanse with a natural skin toning effect,
without over drying. It will leave your skin
rejuvenated, purified, and silky smooth.

HerbSardinia cosmetics are made using top quality
organic certified natural ingredients. They do not
contain synthetic perfumes, colorants, parabens,
preservatives and chemical components. As a result
our detergents are lightly-foaming, whereas the
aromatic note is due to the 100% pure organic
essential oil mixture.
HerbSardinia Salts of Sardinia for
Aromatic Bath | 500 ml
(Box includes 1 packet of Myrtus Essential Oil)