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The Authentic Italian Beauty Tradition
Erbe Dermocosmetics by Carmen Miraglia from Italy
PHYTOTHERAPY: Healing with plants
AROMATHERAPY: Healing with essential oils
Erbe Dermocosmetica Skin Care - Italy
Pennywort Exfoliating Cream 50 ml - 1.7 oz.
Crema Esfoliante alla Centella Asiatica
Pennywort, Thyme, Chamomile, Burdock
Erbe's Pennywort exfoliating cream cleanses and
eliminates the dead cells and flaky skin that result
from make-up and daily pollution. In addition to
promoting healthy skin cell renewal, it purifies clogged
pores and refines skin texture. By promoting gentle
exfoliation, it provides an immediately luminous and
clear tone whilst preparing skin to fully absorb
nutrient packed masks and moisturizers. Apply to
moist skin, massage gently avoiding eye area, rinse
with water and a cosmetic sponge. Remove make-up
before exfoliating. Recommended for use before
Erbe's mask application.
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ERBE SKIN CARE | Beauty & Wellness Line
Carmen Miraglia
Erbe Dermocosmetica Skin Care - Italy
Lavender Water 200 ml - 7 oz. Spray | Glass
Erbe Acqua di Lavanda
Organic Lavender Flowers
Erbe's Lavender, from the Latin "lavare" - to wash -
has been associated with cleanliness and purification
for centuries. Made with organically grown Lavender
flowers, this refreshing water balances, tones and
hydrates combination and sensitive, blemish-prone
skin. It also soothes irritations and restores clarity
and evenness to dull skin with irregular pigmentation
such as acne scars. For best results: Apply to clean
skin with moist cotton. It may also be sprayed freely
on the face in a drying environment or to set
make-up. Follow with Erbe's moisturizer.
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Erbe Pennywort Exfoliating Cream
For All Skin Types, including Sensitive
Erbe Lavender Water Tonic
For Normal, Combination, Sensitive Skin with
Blemishes, Skin Discoloration
Erbe Dermocosmetica Skin Care - Italy
Nourishing Hair Conditioner | Tube
150 ml - 5 oz.
Erbe Balsamo Nutriente
For Normal, Dry, Thin, and Treated Hair
This gentle pH balanced nourishing hair conditioner
protects fragile, thin and treated hair, leaving it
fuller, healthier and more lustrous. Gently massage
the scalp using a small amount of conditioner, rinse
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Erbe Nourishing Hair Conditioner
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