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Erbe Italian Skin Care | Wholesale
The Authentic Italian Beauty Tradition
Erbe Dermocosmetics by Carmen Miraglia from Italy
PHYTOTHERAPY: Healing with plants
AROMATHERAPY: Healing with essential oils
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Erbe Bath & Body products are formulated through long-held traditional methods.
Erbe products are a real tribute to the Authentic Italian Beauty Culture.
Erbe Dermocosmetica Skin Care - Italy
Calendula & Orange Blossom Body Lotion
200 ml - 7 oz.
Crema Fluida alla Calendula
Calendula, Orange Blossom, Echinacea, Ginseng,
Wheat Germ Oil
The richest of Erbe's body lotions; Calendula
nourishes, hydrates and protects the skin from the
drying effects of hard water. Calendula Body Lotion,
nourishes, hydrates and heals dry/flaky skin while
protecting from dehydration and frequent washing.
Prepared with precious nourishing and emollient
botanicals Calendula Body Lotion is calming and
anti-inflammatory, refreshes and softens the skin
leaving it toned and smooth. Calendula is also safe to
use during and after pregnancy to help prevent and
minimize stretch marks. The scent of orange blossom
is mild and clean, for both men and women.
Erbe Calendula & Orange Blossom Body Lotion
Erbe Bergamot Body Lotion
Bergamot & Juniper Body Lotion 200 ml - 7 oz.
Crema Fluida al Bergamotto e Ginepro
Bergamot, Myrtle, Juniper, Wheat Germ Oil
Erbe's Bergamot Body Lotion is specifically
recommended for the active lifestyle: it tones,
refreshes and stimulates, while its mild antiseptic
properties clear skin impurities and blemishes. It also
deodorizes and protects the skin from dehydration
and hard water, improving elasticity. The fresh citrus
scent is pleasing to both men and women.
Erbe Lavender & St. Johns Wort Body Lotion
Erbe Dermocosmetica Skin Care - Italy
Lavender & St. John's Wort Body Lotion
Tube 200 ml - 7 oz.
Crema Fluida alla Lavanda
Lavender, St. John's Wort, Wheat Germ Oil
Erbe's Lavender Body Lotion is ideal to soothe and
hydrate dry, sensitive and irritated skin, to prevent
dehydration and restores skin's tone and softness.
Lavender is known for its protective and healing
properties, St. John's Wort is ideal for calming the
skin after sun exposure or sunburn. The scent of
Italian-grown Lavender Agustifolia is woodsy and
floral, agreeable to both men and women
Erbe Lemon & Calendula Hand Cream
Erbe Dermocosmetica Skin Care - Italy
Lemon & Calendula Hand Cream |
Tube 75 ml - 2.6 oz.
Crema Mani Citrus Limonium
Sweet Almond Oil, Lemon, Calendula, Cucumber,
Avocado, Karite, Evening Primrose
Erbe's Lemon hand cream protect the hands from
exposure to the elements with this light yet
nourishing cream. Lemon oil brightens the skin and
prevents age spots, while Calendula and Avocado oils
revive elasticity and prevent the signs of aging.
Erbe Calendula & Orange Blossom
Bath & Shower Gel
Erbe Dermocosmetica Skin Care - Italy
Calendula & Orange Blossom Bath & Shower Gel
| Glass Bottle 200 ml - 7 oz.
Gel Bagnodoccia alla Calendula
For Dry Flaky Skin
The refreshing foam of Erbe's gentle Calendula Shower
Gel releases soothing and healing botanical
ingredients that prevent dehydration and neutralize
the damaging effects of hard water, leaving dry and
sensitive skin soft and lightly scented. The mild, clean
scent of Orange Blossom is pleasing to both men and
ERBE products are
completely free of:
mineral oils, animal
substances,  synthetic
fragrances, wax,
colorants or dyes.
Not tested on animals.
ERBE products are
made possible
by the
rigorous selection of the
botanicals and precious
essential oils. Erbe
products are safe,
gentle and pleasant to
use. Every item is
conceived and
formulated to promote
healing and enhance
ERBE products are
designed for all skin
Erbe's herbal  
formulations target
specific problems, while
performing many
important functions -
from delaying aging
process to restoring
unevenly textured skin
and much more.
ERBE | Beauty & Wellness Line
ERBE | Beauty & Wellness Line
Travel Set | 4-pcs
Kit da Viaggio
Set Includes:
1 Lavender Bath Wash
1 Lavender Body Lotion
1 Orange Blossom Shampoo
1 Herbal Conditioner
Beautiful Erbe Gift packaging.
Erbe Travel Set
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