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Bellezza Body Lotion enriched with
Olive Oil,
8.45 oz.- 250 ml
Bellezza Body Lotion restores skin firmness and
elasticity. Daily application provides deep
moisturizing and firming, delays the aging
process and reduces the appearance of scars
and stretch marks.  Made In Italy
Price: $32.00 - Currently Sold Out
Bellezza Hair Shampoo enriched with
Olive Oil,
8.45 oz.- 250 ml
Bellezza Shampoo is formulated with natural
origin substances. The combination of its
ingredients acts by restoring strength and density
to the hair. The product has a natural nourishing
due to the properties of the its extracts of olive,
ginseng root, rosemary, nettle, grape and
panthenol. Bellezza Shampoo, ideal for all hair
types, is formulated using mild, non-aggressive
detergents. Made In Italy
Price: $25.00 - Sold Out
Bellezza Hair Conditioner enriched
with Olive Oil,
8.45 oz.- 250 ml
Bellezza Conditioner helps to restore the ideal
hair texture after removal of the natural sebum
through shampoo use. The synergic action of
natural ingredients such as olive extract, Jojoba
and Dulse (red algae), chlorella, grape, nettle and
ginseng extract, allows to reduce static electricity,
increases the gloss of the hair without the
negative effects and promotes the adhesion of
the cuticle to the stem. Made In Italy
Price: $25.00
Bellezza Anti-Aging Face Cream 24H -
enriched with Olive Oil,
1.69 oz.- 50 ml
Thanks to its formula rich in natural active
ingredients with particularly effective, this
moisturizing cream provides to a restructuring,
protective and anti-wrinkle result. The use of
certified organic extracts, which ensure the
traceability of all production stages. Made In Italy
Price: $59.00 - Sold Out
Bellezza Hand & Nail Cream enriched
with Olive Oil,
5.07 oz.- 150 ml
Bellezza Hand cream has protective, moisturizing
and restorative activity due to a balanced blend of
active ingredients: betaine, derived from sugar
beet, with humectants and moisturizing
properties; sunflower oil has an antioxidant
activity, protects cells against aging and makes
the skin smooth and silky. Made In Italy
Price: $24.00 - SOLD OUT
Bellezza Anti-Aging Face Cream
Bellezza Hand & Nail Cream
Bellezza Body Lotion
Bellezza Shampoo
Bellezza Hair Conditioner
The Bellezza Line of Cosmetics contain real Tuscan Olive Oil to
give your skin, body and hair the beauty it deserves.
FLORINDA Olive Verdi - Green Olives
Bar Soap with Organic Extra Virgin
Olive Oil 100 grams (3.52 oz)
Made In Italy
Price: $6.00
New: Bellezza Delicate Liquid Soap
enriched with Olive Oil,
8.45 oz.- 250 ml
Made In Italy
Price: $33.00 - Sold Out
Bellezza Delicate Liquid Soap
Bellezza Anti-Aging Face Serum
New: Bellezza Anti-Aging Face Serum -
enriched with Olive Oil,
1.01 oz.- 30 ml
Made In Italy
Price: $0.00 - Sold Out
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