Tauleto Nestling Pad
with Tauleto aromatised grape-stones.
Warm comfort or Cool Caress
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Tauleto from Italy
The First Wine Fragrance
Tauleto Wine Body Lotion
with grape Polyphenols
Tauleto Wine Shower Gel
with grape Polyphenols
Tauleto Grape Seed Body Scrub
with grape-stone particles,
grape-stone oil and red-wine
Tauleto Grape Seed Body Oil
with grape-stone extract
Tauleto GIFT SET #1
Wine Fragrance & Body Lotion,
Loofah Gloves
Tauleto Grape Seed Body Butter
with grape-seed oil and shea butter
Tauleto Gift Set #3:
Shower Gel & Body Oil,
Loofah Gloves
Tauleto Outdoor Candles
Available 20 & 40 Hours
Tauleto Wine Fragrance Diffuser
Tauleto Refill Diffuser + Set of Reeds
Tauleto Indoor Balloon Candle
Magical wine aroma, 50 hours
Tauleto Pedicure Set
Includes: Sapone Soap Scrub,
Wine Footbath, Body Cream and
pair of ankle socks
Tauleto GIFT SET #2:
Body Lotion & Shower Gel,
Loofah Gloves
TAULETO Winetherapy
Products for Body - Spa - Home

Tauleto Sangiovese Grape
Vinotherapy is the latest skin
care and spa trend from Italy --
made from the natural essence
of wine and grape seeds - rich in
potent anti-oxidants and
anti-aging properties.
Originating in Italian vineyards,
wine therapy uses grape seed
extract for anti-aging purposes
in skin care. According to
research, grape seed
polyphenols, which are
antioxidant compounds found in
grape seeds, form a protective
layer on the skin and stimulate
the renewal of cells and
collagen. Polyphenols also clear
up free radicals, which damage
and age cells...
Tauleto Perfume Essence:
Oil Refill for Nestling Pad
B A T H  &  B O D Y  -  S K I N  C A R E  -  F R A G R A N C E S
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Luxurious ITALIAN Bath & Body Products in the USA
Tauleto Wine Fragrance
Available in 50 ml & 100 ml
Tauleto is a luxurious line for spa, home and personal
body care made from the natural essence of wine ---
rich in anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties found
in Sangiovese red grape skin and seed filled with
cell-renewing polyphenols and resveratrols.

Tauleto VinoTherapy (Wine Therapy) products are
made right where the Sangiovese grapes are grown,
on the Cesari family vineyard in the Emilia Romagna
region of Italy.

Tauleto is Romance, Tauleto is Romantic, Tauleto is
for both Women & Men, For Loved Ones...
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The TAULETO Line has been discontinued for
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The TAULETO Line has been discontinued for
Wholesale orders
, remaining products in
stock can be
purchased on our E-Store
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